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What is low-risk prostate cancer?

Interview with Urologist, Mr Kevin Chu

Professor Declan Murphy speaks to Natalie Richards, the research nurse and project manager for the NAVIGATE trial, Alan White, patient representative for the projected Matt Roberts, a Urologist in Brisbane who is actively enrolling patients for the study to discuss active surveillance as a treatment option for men with favourable intermediate-risk prostate cancer. Additionally, a patient who is actively participating in the study, provides their perspective having been on active surveillance, and then went on to have surgery after discovering his cancer had changed while on surveillance.

Overcoming Prostate Cancer

Interview with Urologist, Mr Kevin Chu

Listen to Less Hunt from Gippsland FM radio interview Alan White, prostate cancer survivor. Alan shares his personal experience of being diagnosed with low risk - then later - intermediate risk prostate cancer. Alan is candid about his treatment and the side-effects including the impact on sexual function; and the challenges he has overcome. Alan's wife, Fiona, shares her experience about the impact of the diagnosis and decision making. Leanne Prosser, prostate cancer specialist nurse also offers her insight and advice.

Navigating active surveillance options

Interview with Natalie Richards, Declan Murphy and Renu Eapen

Today we focus on the NAVIGATE study, a randomised trial of an online decision aid for men and their partners recently diagnosed with localised prostate cancer. Active surveillance is the preferred option for many men with low-risk prostate cancer, and may also be recommended for some men with favourable intermediate-risk prostate cancer, but many patients find the idea of surveillance to be stressful, and find the choice of management options to be bewildering. So today we chat with some of the team behind the NAVIGATE study which is designed to address some of these issues. NAVIGATE is running in Australia, sponsored by Swinburne University with the trial team based at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

Dr. D

The Penis Project - Episode 11

Professor Declan Murphy appears on episode 13 of the Penis Project to discuss prostate cancer and the experiences of patients diagnosed with prostate cancer. Declan speaks about the Navigate study and the treatment options for low risk prostate cancer patients, including Active Surveillance.

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Men urged to harden up on their prostate health

Prostate cancer diagnoses plummeted during the coronavirus pandemic because men were not getting checked, according to Professor Declan Murphy Consultant Urologist and Director of Genito-Urinary (GU) Oncology at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

Professor Murphy said men over 50 should speak to their GP about getting their PSA level checked regularly because the difference between early detection and late detection can be life altering.

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men worldwide.

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